How to Make Coffee

How to Make Coffee, easy fast ways to make coffee that tastes great, the different types of coffee makers and espresso makers including super fast single serve coffee maker alternatives like Keurig k cup coffee, and recommendations for coffee grinders and more

Do you love drinking coffee, espresso and coffee drinks like latte and cappuccinos? Do you want to know how to make it taste better for yourself and your guests? Do you want to know the best rated coffee maker, what are single cup coffee makers like keurig coffee maker, tassimo coffee maker and what are Keurig k cups?

Read along as I introduce you to easy and fast ways to improve your coffee drinking experience.

"Finally a coffee site which shows you how to make the best cup of coffee fast and easy in the comfort of your own home! "

How to Make Coffee Great-Coffee 101

How to brew coffee

The Beginners Guide

Why You Need a Burr Grinder

Coffee Video Blog

Evaluating Coffee Makers. What's Your Best Choice?

Some Great Tips

Great Value Machines

One Cup coffee brewers

Readers Corner Recipes, Photos and Questions

Coming Soon. Got Coffee Questions

Your Best Coffee Drinks

Share Your Coffee Photos

Ever wanted a better cup of coffee but just don't know where to start?

What is the most important thing in buying coffee?

Is dark roast better than light roast?

How do you know it's fresh and how do you keep it fresh?

Do I need to grind my beans? What's the best grinder?

How do I choose the right coffee equipment for me without breaking the bank?

Can I make those great cappuccinos and espressos at home?

Well, you’ve come to the right place. At How to Make Coffee Great, we've got a PASSION for coffee and we explore coffee from A to Z.

Whether you just want to know how to make a great cup quick or want to explore the more exotic lore of coffee and espresso - we've got something for everybody.

We'll explore single cup coffee makers, Keurig K cups, pod coffee makers, burr coffee grinders versus blade grinders, health benefits of coffee and a lot more.

You’ll get tips and tricks and inside information on how to choose the best beans – whether they be specialty, organic, Fair Trade or even flavored.

We’ll chat about the best grinders and coffee makers.

Won’t it be great to drink home brewed coffee that tastes as good as or better than the coffee shop?

Join in and let’s have some fun on our quest for the perfect cup!